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Residency Personal StatementWhen submitting an application to the ERAS online system there are numerous requirements, including a CV, at least 3 letters of recommendation and a personal statement. Perhaps out of all the residency application requirements, none is so important and as overlooked as the residency personal statement. There were over 17,000 medical school graduates last year in the U.S. and almost 1,000 students did not get matched to a residency program due to the federal cap. Medical schools are enrolling even more students every year, but the number of available residencies is not expected to increase in the short-term. That means even more competition for graduates.

Residency Application Personal StatementMedical residency training programs are considered a necessary part of a medical graduate students’ career not only because they provide hands-on practical experience in a clinical setting, but lead to a licence to practice medicine without supervision by a physician. However, the being accepted into a residency program is not a simple process. Residencies have been associated with long working hours (over 100+ hours per week), on-call shifts, sleep deprivation and poor pay (just over $10 per hour or around $40,000 per year). In addition, medical residency programs are highly competitive, depending on the reputation of a particular medical institution or hospital or the location. Preferably a great number of applicants would want to be accepted to one of the John Hopkins residency programs or work in New York at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as compared to a rural location where salaries are high enough.

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Personal Statement for ResidencyAlmost all medical school graduates are qualified to become physicians and earn a licence to practice medicine. Overall, decision-making committees receive hundreds of applications from applicants who have similar grades in medical school and on the USMLE. A great residency application personal statement can make the difference between being accepted or not. Why? Because decision-making medical boards want to know if you share the same values, dedication and commitment that they do. They want to know who you are as a person and hear about your abilities, drive, career goals and interests from YOU! This is perhaps your only opportunity to add a personal touch to your application. Great residency personal statements can increase your chances of being accepted to a residency program!

In the United States, access to graduate medical training programs is competitive and the application process using “the Match” system ususally leaves thousands of medical school graduates with a high debt and no job. When you order our residency personal writing services, we guarantee we will provide you with a document of the highest possbile quality!

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Writing a unique, original and effective residency personal statement can be very difficult task. Personal statements usually average a page or two in length with a maximum of 600 to 650 words. You can definitely write more or less, but writing less may show you are not dedicated enough, while writing may show you are inconsiderate. A personal statement has to convey a powerful message about your capability, ability and maturity. One main strategy is to start out by introducing an intriguing topic that is not only interesting and informative, but relevant to your career goals, inspiration and aspirations. This main topic must permeate the entire body of the personal statement so that you can communicate as much as you can about yourself in the most relevant manner. It can be a tough task and our professional residency personal statement writing service can help you!

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