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Dentistry Personal Statement Tips

If you’re targeting a dentistry school to become a dentist soon, then you might be looking for tips on how to create the best dentistry personal statement. For many students, this is one of the most difficult parts of their application, as they face tight competition at this stage. If you want to be noticed among the rest, check out the residency personal statement tips we’re going to share below.

Dentistry Personal Statement Tips

Also called statements of purpose or application essays, personal statements are usually written to answer questions or to state purpose. Before writing the dentistry personal statement tips then, be clear and specific of your purpose. When applying for very competitive programs, the more you should be very driven of your direction and clear of your goals and purpose.

  • What are your goals?
  • What makes you interested in dentistry?
  • Why do you want to take up this course?
  • What are the previous accomplishments you had and wanted to improve by enrolling in the residency program?
dentistry personal statement tips

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Ways of Writing the Best Dentistry Personal Statement

  1. Write based on the people to read your personal essay. You should know of their background, including their position. It will help if you would research a bit of the school where you target of applying.
  2. Think of your dentistry personal statement as your first marketing tool to package and present yourself to the admissions committee. You should write as if you were talking directly with them eye-to-eye, and it is something you can do by showing sincerity in your language. You should express clear interest for a slot in this program and that you can do by narrating a story. You can expound an aspect of your CV you find worth highlighting and think of supporting details to present it in a manner that will highlight your main theme, such as leadership.
  3. Clearly demonstrate what makes you a unique candidate among the rest. You should show that you are the best among the rest by having a focus in your personal essay. Be yourself and do not try to become anybody else. When expressing yourself and its story, you should not only tell but also show, meaning you also have to highlight examples and details to support your claims.
  4. Make sure that the flow and structure of your essay is logical and cohesive, one of the most important dentistry personal statement tips to remember. By doing it, you will be able to express your ideas in a clearer and more understandable manner while at the same time making a strong impact to your readers.
  5. Do not forget of checking the grammar, spelling, style and tone of your statement of purpose. Most importantly, check on your tone and make sure that it remains positive all throughout the paper.

There you have the best techniques in writing your dentistry personal statement that you have to remember so that you can make a strong impact in narrating your piece and showing how you deserve to become a candidate to take one of the slots in the program.

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