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Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement

orthopedic residency personal statementOrthopedics is a field that many wish to follow and us such is a highly competitive area in which to gain a residency, many prospective residents becoming disappointed every year. Being accepted by a ACGME (Accreditation council for Graduate Medical Education) residency will require a orthopedic residency personal statement that has been written to perfection.
Unlike the personal statement for medical school it will not be enough to wax lyrical about your achievements within high school, you are going to have to convince the reader that you are truly passionate about orthopedics and will be able to apply that passion effectively within your proposed career.

How to Write Your Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement

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Writing an orthopedic residency personal statement as well as neurology residency personal statement is no easy task if you want it to be capable of making you stand out from the hundreds of other applicants against which you will be competing. You will have to write it in a compelling style that will catch the reader and convince them that you are the very best candidate for their residency. This means not just telling them how good you are but showing them through clear examples how good you are.

Always try to demonstrate a skill or ability through using an example of what you have done or achieved during your rotations or within Medical School in general so that the reader can see exactly what you are capable of. The same goes for your passion for orthopedics themselves, show how you became interested and how you have developed that interest since. They are not going to offer a place to someone that is choosing orthopedics because they don’t want to follow some other specialism, they are looking to recruit those who really want to follow this as a career.

Crafting the Best Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement

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They will also want to recruit those applicants that have taken the time to understand exactly what their program offers, far better to take on someone who has done their homework and can demonstrate clearly that their skills and aspirations are fully supported by the program to which they are applying. The same goes for any sub specialties that you may wish to follow, if you are interested in arthroplasty and the residency program has expertise in this area make sure that you mention it.

The more specific and relevant your well written orthopedic residency personal statement is the more likely you will be chosen.

Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement Help

If you need help writing a personal statement for orthopedics then you have come to the right service. Our expert writers are both experienced and qualified to write personal statements within the areas of their expertise. They will work with your through our 24/7 service to review your experiences and aspirations to craft a highly targeted orthopedic residency personal statement. Should you be in any way dissatisfied we will either rewrite your orthopedic personal statement or offer you a full refund.

We fully guarantee your satisfaction with your orthopedic personal statement.

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