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How to Address a Dean in a Letter?

So you need to write a letter to the dean but don’t really know how. This is something you shouldn’t be embarrassed about because there are others who are also clueless as to how to address a dean in a letter. Writing a letter to a school’s dean is a tough task because you need to be brief yet informative in your letter. Deans tend to have a lot of things on their plate and sending them a letter that is not properly written or doesn’t follow proper format won’t get the reaction you are looking for.

How to Address a Dean in a Letter

  • In the first line of the address, you should write the dean’s first and last names then put a comma after. Any degree that the dean holds should be written after the comma.
  • On the second line, write “Dean of” which should then be followed by the position of the dean in the university. The third line of your letter’s address should be the university’s name.
  • The fourth line is reserved for the university’s street address while the fifth line is for the city and state as well as ZIP code.
  • The salutation of your letter should be written as “Dear Dean,” together with the last name of the dean. You can use “Dear Dr.” if the dean of the school has a doctorate.

How to Write a Letter to the Dean

If you need to write a letter to the dean, you need to make sure that you have listed all the things you want to discuss with them prior to writing. This will help give direction to what you will be writing to the dean so you won’t waste their time. Another thing that you should take into account when writing to the dean is that your letter should be in a more formal note. This means that the salutation and ending should be in a formal tone and not in a casual one.

Get Professional Help

Aside from learning how to address a dean in a letter, you can hire someone to write your letter for you. We have the skills and the experience when it comes to writing formal letters to schools especially to the dean so your letter will be written and addressed properly.

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