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How to Write a Letter to the Dean?

Regardless of whether you will be asking for a Medical Student Performance Evaluation or you want to conduct an interview for your local paper or any other reason, it is better that you write a letter to the Dean to get permission or approval. Many students tend to skip this part because they are not really sure what to write and whether the Dean will accept the letter or not. If you are required to write one, you need to learn all there is to know on writing letters to the dean.

How to Write a Letter to the Dean

  • What is your reason? Before you write your letter, jot down the key points you want to address in your letter.
  • Use a letterhead. When writing to the Dean you need to make sure that you are using a formal format. A letterhead will add a business like feel to your paper. If you don’t have one, put your return address, email and telephone on the top page with the date below it.
  • Salutation. Write the title, in this case dean, followed by the last name.
  • Use proper format. When it comes to writing this particular letter, choose a modified block or block format.
  • Introduce yourself. If you haven’t met the dean, it would be proper to introduce yourself first in your letter.
  • State your reasons. You should write your reasons why you have written to the dean. Make sure that they are brief and to the point.
  • Conclusion. In a separate paragraph, write your conclusion and if you have any action that you want to be taken by the dean such as meeting and so on.
  • Formal ending. Refrain from using casual ending such as “See you!” or “Talk Soon!”. Go for “Sincerely” or “Sincerely Yours” since they are more appropriate for the occasion.

Edit Your Letter to Dean

Before you send your letter to the dean, let someone read it in case there are errors or if there are any changes to be made. Again, your letter should be written in a formal tone and it should be brief but informative because deans are usually busy people and you wouldn’t want to waste their time.

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