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How to Write a Perfect Personal Statement for Medical Residency

If you want to be among the successful applicants who got into the medical residency program of their choice, then you need to focus on improving your personal statement. Your medical residency application personal statement gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd of well qualified medical students. Here is your chance to show your passion and objective for choosing your specialization. Writing an excellent personal statement is not about being clever, artistic or having awesome writing skills. It is about showing the admission committee why you should be selected.

Writing a great personal statement is not an overnight process. It includes careful planning and numerous rewrites.

Get Organized:

You may not have written a personal statement since applying to med school. Chances are that you’ve lost your touch writing personal statements. You would have also changed a lot since then. Your personal statement also needs to develop as such. Getting organized well ahead of time with your CV and career goals, gives you the opportunity to work through several ideas.

Keep noting down all the ideas that come to your mind at this stage. Later, you can read through and see what would work and what would not.


By now you would have several ideas to write in your personal statement. A few tips to help you to create a good draft are given below:

  • Use a theme to give a holistic structure to your essay. Do not jump from one sentence to the next. Make sure that there is a proper flow and structure to your writing.
  • Start your essay with a personal story, anecdote or quote. Make sure the first paragraph grabs the attention of the admission committee.
  • Write a positive essay about how you evolved and learned. Do not write negatively about the profession. So not include sentences that can be misunderstood to be offensive. Show your interest, passion and commitment to the field.
  • Show that you are clear about your goals and that you have an insight into what it will require.
  • Try to subtly show your positive personal attributes. It can be through an experience you had or through some positive comment someone gave you.
  • You are already a doctor, so don’t discuss about why you want to be one. Write about why you want to be a gynecologist or a radiologist. Also, don’t explain to a radiologist what radiology is. Instead focus on how that field is suitable for you.
  • Make sure that your writing has not spelling or grammatical errors. Keep using spell check while you write.

Get Help:

Now that you have drafted your medical residency personal statement, ask someone else to proof read it and suggest any changes that might make it more compelling. It is easy for you to overlook the errors in your personal statement for residency. It is always advisable to have a third person check it out for you. You can

  • Ask a friend who is good with English grammar and spellings
  • A faculty member or director who will have more knowledge regarding what residency admission committees are looking for.
  • Or a professional personal statement service providers like residencypersonalstatement.biz.

By now, your personal statement for medical residency would be perfect.

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