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How to Write a Pre Med Personal Statement

Entering pre med schools is one of the main goals of aspiring medical professionals. Who will not? Working in the medicine industry is one of the most lucrative of all, on top of it being a novel profession to become a medical practitioner. Before you put your hands on to medical work, you will have to enter the big battle of applications. And to start right, you will need to ensure your weapons are all geared and setup to work as one for becoming successful. One of the things you need is the pre meds personal statement. To know how to write one, check out the following tips that have proven helpful for many aspiring medical professionals.

Writing the Pre Med Personal Statement

The personal statement is an important part of your application because it is not test-based and so it is gives you that chance of showing off your skills without having to have to review for long exams. The best part is that this personal essay can set the stage and kick start your impressive application. However, this is also one of the hardest to come up with because there are many other personal essays or statements yours will have to compete. Your personal statement should be given enough concentration and emphasis because it may hold the key for your application. It may be hard to write but accomplishing an impressive one is sure to bring a rewarding feeling.

pre med personal statement

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Check out the following tips on how to write your pre med personal statement.

  1. Tell them the reasons you want to study and take up pre-med and highlight them in your personal statement. What are your goals and expectations upon accomplishing this course?
  2. Remember, you should fit your personal statement onto only one page as much as possible, with two pages the most.
  3. You may want to go back to your medical application essay to become the basis of your residency essay. You can make use of the ideas you presented in the introduction and conclusion.
  4. You can also check out if the school has a writing office, which may be willing to help and give you tips. It will also help to research of the school where you are applying so that you can have an idea of what kind of applicants they are looking for.
  5. Do not forget on the structure of your pre med personal statement because this can help your readers understand your points across without them being confused. It has something to do with the flow of your sentences and paragraphs that should glue with each other, leading from one point to another and supporting one with the other. Your ideas, therefore, must be presented in a clear manner that the committee will understand. This will help them have a good grasp about you as a person and get to know your assets and knowledge to bring into their residency. When talking of structure, you should not forget about the logical and cohesive flow of your thoughts, and in this part, editing is important. There may be sentences that do not belong in one paragraph (irrelevant statements), which you should be able to remove.
  6. Avoid clichés and technical jargons, but make use of short and easier to understand words. Finally, give time editing your paper and you’ll be good to go.

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For an impressive application, do not skip the above tips to use when writing your residency personal statement. Finally, do not think twice seeking help from the experts should you need assistance in pre med personal statement or ophthalmology personal statement!

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