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I have always wanted to apply to a dental residency program, but I would have never made it without your writer and editor. With your help, I had a winning personal statement! Thank you so much!

Anna, US

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Professional Assistance with Residency Application Personal Statement

Getting into a medical residency program of your choice is really easy, but only if you have a killer personal statement. There are thousands of medical students applying to the same residency program you like, who have similar backgrounds and future career goals to you.

So, how do you stand out from this crowd of aspiring doctors? It is of course by submitting an impressive personal statement. Your residency application personal statement is the only part of your application that is completely under your control. It is your chance to convince the admission committee to choose you over your competition. But if not carefully written, your personal statement residency application will wipe out any chance of you getting in.

Your personal statement should help you stand out. It should showcase your true personality, one which cannot be understood by glancing through your CV or your letter’s of recommendations. But medical residency programs are not so tolerant of original and unique statements that are deeply emotional and flowery. You need keep a balance between being personal and professional. You need to understand what each residency program is looking for and draft you statement accordingly.

That’s where we come in. At residencypersonalstatement.biz, we help you give that special edge to your residency application personal statement. Our highly professional and specialized medical writers have the experience and knowledge to turn your personal statement into the best. We draft the personal statement based on the admission guidelines of the program you are applying to and also by adding your personality to it.

How Do We Create the Perfect Personal Statement?

  1. First, submit your CV and a draft if you have written one.
  2. Then, you discuss with our highly professional and qualified medical writers. You can give your suggestions regarding what you want the personal statement to convey.
  3. You will be handed your error free residency application personal statement in no time.
  4. You can go through the personal statement and ask for any changes until you are completely satisfied.

Not only do we make sure that you have the best possible writers drafting your personal statement, we also ensure that we provide you with the best service. Your quality and error free personal statement is delivered on time and checked to ensure that it is completely devoid of plagiarism. Our only goal is to help you get that residency. If you are not happy with the endocrinology fellowship personal statement even after making the improvements you suggest, we are ready to refund the full amount.

So, whether it is for drafting your personal statement for residency application or editing the personal statement you’ve written to a wholesome one, feel free to approach residencypersonalstatement.biz.

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