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Residency Personal Statement Example

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Professional Residency Personal Statement Example

Coming from a large family with many children, I grew up as the oldest with nine younger siblings. There is 19 years difference between me and my youngest sibling. Of the 19 children, I am one of four girls. Thus, I grew up taking care of children and it has always been a natural part of my life. Furthermore, during my upbringing, my mother was the midwife in our small community, and my father was the pediatrician. Considering that my parents are getting older and would like to retire in the next 10 years or so, my desire is to complete my residency in Med/Peds and take over their practice in our small community.
Pursuing the specialty of Med/Peds will allow me to work with my father’s pediatric patients, as well as working with adults and helping my sister who is now a nurse midwife. During my rotations in medical school, I truly enjoyed my pediatrics rotation, as well as my internal medicine rotation. I remember one case in particular that allowed me to assist with a child with an unknown acute infection. This case was interesting because it combined my knowledge of internal medicine with my knowledge of pediatrics. It was truly inspirational to see the team of doctors involved in the case come together to determine the cause of the illness and develop a plan to help this little boy. It was exciting to be a part of the solution and to help determine the proper treatment plan for this child. It ended up taking 6 doctors, including an Infectious Disease Specialist, to determine the correct diagnosis and treatment. As part of the primary care team, I was able to help facilitate and oversee the entire scope of care.
As an active member of the team, I honed and utilized excellent communication skills, good bedside manner, and evidence based practice. During residency, I desire to continue perfecting these skills and learn everything I can about practicing in small rural communities. Considering that your program has special study opportunities in rural communities, I believe that my skill set, goals, and ambitions are an excellent match for the program. Upon completion of my Med/Peds residency, with an emphasis in practicing in rural communities, I look forward to returning home to utilize my skills and experiences to help care for the members of my community as my parents have for almost four decades.

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