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Residency Personal Statement ExampleIf you are applying for a residency progam you have probably browsed through many residency personal statement examples to get an idea of how it should look. Your personal statement has to be written perfectly if you want to be accepted into the residency program of your choice. However, always keep in mind that personal statement examples for residency programs can vary. Each sample can be completely different and unique depending on the writer, client and residency training program. How do you manage to write a medical residency personal statement based on the examples that you have viewed? Why do these samples sound so good, but you are experiencing difficulties with your own?

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Using Residency Personal Statement Examples to Write Your Own

You cannot simply copy a personal statement residency example and fill in the blanks! Your residency personal statement has to be written in a way that shows your personality! Any copied material or standard texts will always be spotted immediately as unoriginal and unengaging. You need to use these residency personal statement examples to understand what you need to write, what to include and how it should be formulated in general.

Your introduction should always catch the attention of the reader immediately and be free of obvious statements or clichés that have been overused by everyone. For example:

The cliché:

“I want to be a doctor as I have always wanted to help people. Both my parents are doctors also.” The committee will have read this many times over will not see who YOU are!

Stating the obvious:

“I am applying to your residency program as you have a reputation for having the best program available and I know that I will benefit from it immensely.” They know already how good their residency is and they also know that you are going to benefit from it.

If you read a good residency personal statement examples you will see that they have a story that weaves a single overarching idea. To create a unique and highly personal statement order our professional services today! The statement you submitted has to be just that – A STATEMENT!

For example:

“As they wheeled me into the emergency room I was still laughing, I had forgotten the pain of my injury and just wanted to hear more of the story that they were relating to me. It was shortly after this that I realized that I too wanted to be able to..”

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