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Residency Personal Statement Tips

Your residency personal statement is the most important part of your application process for any residency program no matter what specialism you may wish to follow. This is your only opportunity for you to show those making the selections who you are and how suitable you are for that residency place. The problem is that you have to first get them to read your personal statement and have it stick firmly in their minds.

So how do you write that perfect residency personal statement that is going to help get you selected?

Best Residency Personal Statement Tips

The following tips to writing a personal statement will help to ensure that your personal statement will be able to impress the selection committee. Like medical school personal statement tips it is important to develop an engaging theme to hold your statement together but for a residency program it is far more important to be professional and focus on the specialism that you wish to follow.

  • Have an engaging opening; the opening few lines of your statement have to be able to grab the attention of the reader and draw them into your “story.”
  • Avoid clichés; the reader will have already read about how someone wants to have been a doctor since their earliest memories, if you have applied for a residency they know that you want to be a doctor already!
  • Show not tell; don’t tell the reader how good you are with your hands, show them through relating a relevant experience that will demonstrate your dexterity and suitability to be a surgeon if that is your aim.
  • Don’t talk about high school and your early life; this is a personal statement for residency, the experiences you relate need to be far more focused and relevant to the residency for which you are applying. It is far better to talk about how you demonstrated leadership within your rotations than how you led the school chess team.
  • Ensure that your personal statement is error free; simple spelling mistakes or grammatical errors will be enough to sink your application. It will not show that you are determined to win this place if you have not been determined to get your statement perfect.

Residency Personal Statement TipsPersonal statement medical school tips and residency personal statement tips are very similar but your focus must be more around your ability as a trained doctor and your future career and not about your personal and early learning experiences. This is for a residency program not a medical school where you would have had no medical training to relate to when applying.

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