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Sample personal statement for residency

sample personal statement for residencyYour residency personal statement is probably the most underestimated and overlooked part of your residency application. This will be the document that will show the board who you are as a person, not just as a student. You have to show the review committee why you are passionate about a particular field of medicine, why you are going to be the best possible resident for their program and show what acceptance into a residency program means to you. A personal statement should be no more than 650 words and must be concise, effective, persuasive and engaging. It has to avoid cliches and focus on some unique aspect that no other applicant could possibly think of. You have to share something that is yours and only yours!

Family Medicine Residency Personal Statement Sample

Staring at the genial faces of the six members of the Peruvian family who welcomed me into their home, I remembered why I left my family and friends in the states. As a member of the Peace Corps, I was able to fulfill my strong desire to help others and improve their living conditions. I joined the Peace Corps for a three-year rotation, which would expose me to the impoverished living and health conditions among the people of Peru. This experience provided me with first hand experience in clinical care, as well as a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that I made a difference in the lives of others.

I began my experience with the Peace Corps after completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Binghamton University. As a member of the Peace Corps, I was assigned to help improve the instrument sterilization capabilities of a local health clinic in a rural village. Through this project, I witnessed firsthand how the clinical knowledge gained through a nursing education can greatly improve the health of a community. As a member of the Peace Corps, I was able to utilize my leadership capabilities to ensure members of my team were constantly working to meet our goals. This experience also enhanced my independence, as I entered an unfamiliar country, leaving the comforts and security of home behind. In Peru, I also perfected my fluency in Spanish, which I feel would enhance my clinical practice in Southern Florida. 

Upon my completion of the Peace Corps program, I was overfilled with the energy and zeal to further develop my nursing education. As a student in the Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Florida, I feel that I have the potential to further develop my skills. I wish to focus my training in Family Medicine, as here I feel that I can have the greatest impact on a community. I firmly believe that my past experiences and education will form a strong foundation for my career as a Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner. 

How to Write a Good Residency Personal Statement

It is never a good idea to state that you have learned a lot about a specific field of medicine in general terms or that “I learned a lot about pediatrics during my rotations and would like to continue working in this field.” You must elaborate upon your statements or ideas so that the committee can guage your experiences and relevance to the residency training program. The above personal statement went into detail, but was condensed enough so as to be readable, clear and understandable.

A good residency personal statement should address the following questions:

    Residency Personal Statement Checklist
  • What did you learn?
  • How did an experience inspire you?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • How will it affect your future?

This has to be demonstrated through an actual, real-life example of what you have done or experienced so that a board will see your values, dedication, committment and maturity. They also want to see you demonstrate your analytical skills. Your personal statement has to be tailored to the specific residency program you are applying to.

To ensure that your responses are as targeted as in the above sample residency personal statement, contact us for more guidance or tips.

How We Can Write Your Psychiatry Residency Personal Statement

psychiatry residency personal statement help

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