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ERAS Personal Statement Writing Prompts

professional eras personal statement writing promptsYou never know whether the recruiters of residency programs you have apply to on ERAS will skim read your personal statement or examine it closely. The importance of your residency personal statement may also be different, depending on the program. In any case, our professional residency personal statement writers from residencypersonalstatement.biz advise you doing your best while creating your ERAS personal statement, so that your profile could meet the requirements of the most demanding recruiters.

To apply for a residency, learn about the ERAS. It is the Electronic Residency Application Service used by applicants in applying for a residency program and is used to transmit a MyERAS application, along with the supporting documentation coming from the Designated Dean’s Office to their program directors as well from the applicants. And if you are interested on how to get ready with your USMLE application, then simply follow this checklist.
ERAS application

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Your ERAS personal statement is one of the most important documents you submit, for it is this paper which shows your individuality and shows that there is more to you than medical transcripts and test scores. Knowing this, you should treat your personal statement writing very attentively and perform your utmost when creating it. The writers from residensypersonalstatement.biz know how to create an outstanding ERAS personal statement and would like to share their knowledge with you.

What Are the Components of My ERAS Application?

  • MyERAS Application
  • Personal statement
  • Photograph
  • Medical school transcript
  • Exam transcript of COMLEX or USMLE
  • Medical student personal evaluation (MSPE)
  • Letters of recommendation

What Are the Most Popular Specialty 2016 Using My ERAS?


  • Internal medicine: 9483 applicants
  • Internal medicine-C: 5933
  • Family medicine: 3293
  • Surgery: 2050
  • Surgery-C: 2072
  • Anesthesiology: 1690


  • Internal medicine: 12 463
  • Internal medicine-C: 11 892
  • Family medicine: 8672
  • Surgery: 2721
  • Surgery-C: 1508
  • Pediatrics: 3271

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Main Principles of ERAS Personal Statement Writing

To begin with, you need to keep in mind the purpose of your ERAS residency personal statement writing – to reveal your personal history in a way which shows that you are “a perfect match for the program”. Expert writers from residencypersonalstatement.biz also want to give you some tips about the content of your paper.

According to them, in order to cover all the aspects of your ERAS personal statement, you should answer the following questions before getting down to writing it:

  • How did I get interested in the field I have chosen?
  • What are my goals?
  • What am I looking for in a residency program?
  • Why am I a suitable candidate?
  • In which way am I different from other applicants?
  • What contributions am I able to make?
  • What other relevant interests do I have?

Having answered these questions, give yourself plenty of time to analyze your answers and decide what should be included into your personal statement for ERAS and what can be left out. While writing your paper, make sure you understand the audience you are writing to and choose the corresponding writing style. Our writers suggest that your residency personal statement shouldn’t exceed 600-700 words, for this is the most effective personal statement length.

Tips for Success with ERAS Application

  • Start with the application early
  • Sign up with MyERAS
  • Submit your documents on time
  • Create a stellar personal statement. If you need assistance on this matter, see to it that you seek help from the experts, who have helped thousands of applicants in completing an impressive personal statement that captures attention and increases an applicant’s chances in being accepted in their chosen residency program
  • Also, choose your recommenders early so that they can have enough time in creating an equally impressive letter of recommendation, too

There you have the most important facts to know about your ERAS application to keep in mind for a guide when completing it. However, these are not all that you have to know. You can also check our useful tips on a top-notch CARMS application.

Make sure to get the best help at  ResidencyPersonalStatement.biz and receive an amazing personal statement help!

Writing Your Personal Statement for ERAS with Us

First and foremost, you should mind the general requirement to ERAS residency personal statement writing. They are as follows:

  • Font: courier 10 font;
  • Margins: left/right – 0.3 inches; top/bottom – 0.8 inches;
  • Space: single space, no linespace between the paragraphs;
  • Length: approximately one page.

Keeping this I mind, you ought to start crafting your personal statement for ERAS. Professional personal statement writers from our service want to remind you that your paper should serve 4 main purposes: introduce you to the reader, explain why you have chosen your medical specialty, give examples which will support your choice, give information about your future goals in relation with the participation in residency program.

eras personal statement writing help

Another principle of ERAS personal statement writing which you should stick to is 100% authenticity and correctness of your paper. While writing, try to keep the balance between personal and official presentation, so that your paper was easy and pleasant to read. Once it is finished, show your ERAS personal statement to other people who can give you some pieces of advice. The best option, however, is to have your paper edited and proofread by a professional service like residencypersonalstatement.biz.

In case you need more help with your personal statement for ERAS application, feel free to contact our service. Expert writers at residencypersonalstatement.biz can provide you with the best quality residency personal statement writing assistance. The writers we hire have all been through residency programs themselves, which means that they know what it takes to create a winning personal statement.

Use our ERAS personal statement writing prompts and contact our professional team fro more help today!

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