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Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement

professional internal medicine residency personal statementWhether you are applying directly to residency programs in places such as Minnesota or Boston or through the ERAS system you will need to have your internal medicine residency personal statement written to perfection. Your personal statement internal medicine or rheumatology fellowship personal statement is probably the singularly most important part of your whole application. Internal medicine personal statements are your opportunity to show the selection committee for your chosen programs exactly who you are rather than just providing a list of grades and schools attended.

Your internal medicine residency personal statement is a vital part of your residency application. In fact in many ways it is the most important part of your application. The reason for this is that most of your application is based on scores and qualifications and these are going to be reasonably similar to many of the other applicants. The only place where you get the chance to differentiate yourself from these other applicants is through the writing of an excellent and attention grabbing internal medicine personal statement. Written well your personal statement for internal medicine residency will make you stand out from the crowd and help you to land that residency ahead of your competition. But how do you write internal medicine personal statements that stand out?

Writing a Winning Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement

Saying the right things is only part of the battle; you also have to ensure that you say them in the right way. It is surprisingly difficult to write in an engaging and concise manner which is what you need to do when writing a brief personal statement. Your internal medicine residency personal statement will only be one or two pages long depending on their requirements so you really have to make every word count:

  • Do not use clichés
  • Never state anything obvious already to the reader
  • Be relevant and personal
  • Don’t use 20 words to say what you can say in 6
  • Don’t use flowery language or unusual words

Your personal statement internal medicine residency has to be far more mature and improved than the one that you will have used for med school. For residency they will be looking for so much more from your personal statement for residency internal medicine than how you have grown up always wanting to be a doctor.

internal medicine residency personal statement

They are going to want to know exactly why it is that you want to follow a career within internal medicine, and this means giving some real thought to your motivation behind your application. You will not be wanting to explain why you don’t like the other fields of medicine that you covered during your rotations, they want to know why specifically you want to follow a career within internal medicine.

You need to demonstrate clearly within your internal medicine residency personal statement through the use of clear examples your reasons for wanting to apply to their specific residency program. So if you had an excellent experience during your rotations, tell the story and show how it has affected your future career decisions.

You must also show precisely how this specific residency fits in with your career decision, the more specific you can be and the better you can demonstrate your knowledge of their program the more chance you have of being accepted.

personal statement internal medicine helpWhat to Cover in Your Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement

There is usually a simple question that you will be asked to answer as the prompt for your personal statement. The question is designed to make you think and write in the area in which they want to gain information about you. Often it will be as “simple” as “Why do you want a career in Internal medicine?” Surprisingly some applicants actually spend so much time trying to get their writing correct that they actually forget to answer the question.

In addition to this question you also need to look at the following areas where they are wanting to understand you and your motivations:

  • How and why did you get interested in internal medicine?
  • How has that interest evolved and grown during your studies and why?
  • How is this residency going to influence your future career?
  • Why do you need to study with this specific residency?
  • What do you hope to gain from the residency?
  • What skills do you bring?


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