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Writing a Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement

professional biomedical engineering personal statementWriting a flawless biomedical engineering personal statement is your first weapon for entering a biomedical engineering school of your choice. But since this is where many committees across schools based their decision on whether accepting a student or not, you should be able to show your exemplary knowledge, interest and skills through writing an impressive personal essay. Check out the following for tips on how to make your residency personal statement shine.

According to experts, the bioengineering personal statement is your main opportunity of giving the committee a glimpse of what you are, not only your GPA scores. This is your chance to let them know more about you without bragging but keeping the truth to everything you have to say.

Tips for Writing the Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement

In writing both biomedical personal statement and dentistry personal statement, you need to display your aptitude and your capabilities because it is necessary for your admission. Even though composing a personal statement is stressing, you still need to do your best.

Your personal statement is your channel to tell the admissions that you deserve to become part of their program because you can offer them something at the table—your knowledge, skills and competency, to name some.

biomedical engineering personal statement

Here are some tips to begin with:

  • Do not write without brainstorming. So that you will be able to collect multiple ideas, which you can narrow down later. Finding of good topics to write about begins with brainstorming. For instance, why do you want to become a bioengineer? What motivates you to study or take up this course? What are the previous experiences that shaped you to become the person you are now? What are the things that you did to pursue biomedical engineering? What are the challenges that you have faced before you reached the spot where you are now? How did you face such challenges? These and more are only some questions to answer when brainstorming to give you a clear idea on what to write when you become a biomedical engineer.
  • Get your main theme. You should not ramble but be able to focus on one theme in your personal essay. Avoid jumping from one topic to another to avoid confusing your readers. Instead, you should lead them to the right direction by having one emphasis in your bioengineering personal statement. When talking of the theme, it does not also mean you should include all the details you have in mind but choose only those that will help you make a stronger point and that eventually make your personal statement stronger, too.
  • Start writing and express yourself. During the initial stages of writing your essay, you don’t have to edit it yet, but you just have to keep on writing and leave editing for the final touch. Write your story but pick up the central theme on it. For instance, you want to highlight the abstract idea of ‘enthusiasm,’ and so you tell a story with supporting details to help the readers picture you really have the enthusiasm.
  • Avoid clichés and technical words, but write using simple language.
  • Check your paper for errors. To ensure that it’s flawless before submission. And do final changes or improve its style or tone. If you aren’t satisfied, feel free working on another personal essay.
  • Address your audience. It is essential that you know your audience so that you can address them the essay you are writing about. Typically, admission committee or faculty members will be the one to review your application that is why you need to do well in writing. You need to convince them that you are the one they are looking for. You need to have a strong thesis statement because it will be your basis in writing.
  • Address all aspects of essay prompt. Most prompts for personal statements are similar. If you are an applicant, you need to address all the aspects. You need to show your motivation in applying but it is well important that you address all points that are needed. You need to answer all the questions being asked by the university. It is needed that you submit an essay that describes your experiences, career goals and objectives. You can also include your interests and reasons you think you are fit in the program.
  • Describe your research. You need to provide a concise description of your research. Tell how you contributed to that project and adding information about the research results is needed. You need to iterate on these points because it is essential to convince the admission committee. Keep in mind that you should focus on the basic research question, proposed hypothesis and results. Make sure that you show you completely understand your research.
  • Show that you are ready. From the beginning until the end of your essay, you need to convince the admission committee that you are ready. With that in mind, you can describe your knowledge and skills that you have acquired. Some of the skills you can include are critical thinking and problem solving. You can also highlight all the courses you have taken, your performance and experience you gained.
  • Using targeted examples. Be sure that all you include in your essay is important and connected. Ensure that it makes sense and if it does not relate to any case, do not include it. You can tell personal stories that are compelling but you need to be careful in writing it. Motivate the admission committee with your stories or paths in life but do not spend much time in focusing to your motivations only.
  • Organization and flow. The grammar, spelling, organization, structure and transitions are essential. You need to ensure that your essay is easy to read and does not contain any mistakes. You can ask the help of others to read your personal statement and ask for feedback or suggestions.

There you have some tips on how to make an effective biomedical engineering application personal statement. You can also have a look at how a midwifery personal statement should look like. Make yourself shine above the rest by focusing on one theme and supporting it with relevant, supporting details.

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